Our Story

Tara Hilton speaking in WDC

In 2006, Tara went in for what was thought to be a routine surgery to remove several cysts from her ovaries. After waking up in the recovery room and being told she was full of cancer and her prognosis didn’t look good, she sought a second opinion with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. That is when she learned she had endometriosis, not cancer. It was also the day she realized there were little to no resources available to those battling this disease.


Looking back, it all made perfect sense and she finally understood why she suffered with severe pain and other symptoms since she was 14 years old. She had always known deep down that something was very wrong but was told by everyone around her that she “just had bad periods”. If accurate information had been available, she may have been able to detect this disease years ago and received proper treatment before it destroyed her insides.


After battling for over 25 years, Tara knew the key to a better prognosis is early detection. She started working with the Worldwide EndoMarch in 2014 where she was a guest speaker in Washington, DC along with several nationally known doctors and celebrities.


In 2015, Tara decided to shift her focus to making a difference in her own community so she wrote a Proclamation for Endometriosis, which Governor Markell signed declaring it a women’s health crisis. She went on to help other women write proclamations in 12 other states; all of which were signed by the local governors. She also partnered with her doctor’s office, Reproductive Associates of Delaware to host Delaware's first awareness event and went on to hold one each year since. 


In 2016, Tara developed an awareness program for Delaware’s area high schools and presented it to Delaware’s Department of Education along with several other state departments. The program was highly supported but needed funding in order to provide the materials, training and referral programs needed. She then decided to start a non-profit; what started as individual effort has since evolved and on February 3, 2017, The Yellow Cape was incorporated as a 501(c)(3).


Our goal is to provide information, resources, mentors and advocacy to those battling and/or affected by endometriosis.